7 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday Embracing New Experiences over Things

“Travel is the only thing that makes your richer”

Experiences over things. A motto I try to live my life by as much as possible. For several years I have asked for experiences or money to pay for experiences for my birthday and holidays. I have gained a strong love and appreciation for the experiences I have in life from the daily moments to the big bucket list experiences. In recent years, I have taken trips and had unforgettable experiences with friends, family, and even solo! I hope this post encourages you to ask for an experience or money to go towards an experience for your birthday or the holidays.

7 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday Embracing New Experiences over Things

1. Plan a trip or new experience to have in honor of your birthday

For the past few years, I’ve taken a trip with close friends and/or family and I cherish and remember the positive memories that came from those adventures more than any other gift I’ve received for my birthday. This year I have been on a large road trip, last year I went to Mexico City for Dias de los Muertos, and the previous year I went to Joshua Tree for a half marathon! Year after year, I continue to cherish these memories and am excited to continue to make more for years to come. When I look back on my birthdays, I remember the experiences and the memories made and rarely the material things I was gifted.

2. Spend quality time with friends, family, or even solo

One of my top love languages is quality time and spending quality time with friends and family brings me more joy than any gift ever could. I love reflecting on trips and adventures with friends and family that we enjoyed together. For many years after your experience, you will find yourself still talking about that trip, the day trip, the pool day, the hike with friends, whatever activities you love doing.

7 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday Embracing New Experiences over Things

3. Celebrate a big milestone

From 21 to 25 to 30 or 60, life is precious and should be celebrated! Depending on your milestone, I encourage you to celebrate the small and big moments in life with a memorable experience that you will cherish forever. Last year for my 25th birthday, a group of friends went to Mexico City to celebrate Dias de los Muertos and I will cherish that weekend for years to come!

4. Cross something off your bucket list that you have been wanting to do for a while

Birthdays are a great reason to cross a big bucket list item off your list! Most of us get that feeling to go a little over the top and often spend more money or resources for the big day. If that is you, then this is the perfect time to put those resources towards an unforgettable bucket list experience in honor of your birthday! A few years ago, I ran a half marathon in Joshua Tree national park with my roommate who was running her first half marathon! It is moments like this in life that I try to prioritize!

5. Experiences can be a more sustainable gift option

Asking for an experience or money to go towards an experience can be more sustainable than asking for material possessions that will simply collect dust and end up in a landfill. Think about the material items that you got for recent birthdays. Can you remember what those even were? If not, consider prioritize an experience for your next birthday and I guarantee that you will not forget that weekend for years down the road.

7 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday Embracing New Experiences over Things

6. Live life to the fullest

Life is short and it seems to be flying by year after year. Birthdays are a great time to reflect on the past year and make sure you are living life to the fullest. This can look different to everyone, but I think we can all agree that the big and little moments and experience are what fill up our cup called life.

7 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday Embracing New Experiences over Things

7. Experiences bring you joy, not material things

When you look back on life, you remember the experiences and special memories that have filled your life and made you the person you are today. When it comes to how to spend your time and money and mental energy, think about spending your valuable resources on experiences that bring you joy over material possessions. I rarely ever regret a travel experience or local adventures making memories, but when it comes to materials items, I can think of way too many occasions where I wish I did not buy that item. So, I challenge you to fill your life with experiences, stories, and memories that bring you genuine JOY.

I hope this post has inspired you to celebrate life through experiences and adventures that bring you joy! While we will still need to purchase things in life, aim to minimize the excess items that don’t bring you joy and use those resources on filling your life with experiences that foster those happy unforgettable moments. Leave a comment on what experiences you have enjoyed in honor of your birthday or plan to enjoy for a future birthday!

With wanderlust,


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