5 Travel Documents to Check for Updates Each Year

Travel! Before you run out of time…

5 Travel Documents to Check for Updates Each Year

At the beginning of a year many people often set new year’s resolutions and set new goals, but when it comes to travel there are a few things to make sure you keep updated prior to your future travels! While many of us may not be travelling internationally, our travel documents may still require some updates.

Whether you are traveling or staying home right now, here are FIVE things you should check and update to be prepared for your future travels when it is safe to travel:

5 Travel Documents to Check for Updates Each Year

1. Passport Expiration Date

If your passport expires within a year consider renewing it as the process can take 10-12 weeks or you can pay additional to expedite it. If it’s within SIX months of expiring, many countries won’t let you in! Also take the time to print a colored copy of your passport information and put it in your luggage as a safe backup in case something happens to your passport while you are traveling.

5 Travel Documents to Check for Updates Each Year

2. TSA Precheck & Global Entry Expiration Date

Both TSA Precheck and Global Entry last 5 years and the fees are covered by many travel credit cards! You can renew your precheck/global entry online and it’s best to do it before the expiration date to avoid having to go in for an additional in person interview. I recently renewed my TSA Precheck and global entry and was re-approved in 2 days.

5 Travel Documents to Check for Updates Each Year

3. Real ID Driver’s License

The deadline for a Real ID was extended from October 2020 to October 1st 2021. Make sure your driver’s license meets the Real ID qualifications so you don’t find yourself stuck at airport security come October.

4. Credit Cards

Check the status of any cards points and bonuses to make sure you maximize those benefits while traveling or at home this year!

5 Travel Documents to Check for Updates Each Year

5. Reward Programs & Travel Credits

Check the status of your travel credits that you accrued last spring, annual nights you’ve earned, and any other travel program benefits that you need to use in 2021!

I hope these tips help you prepare to travel when you feel safe to travel! Comment below any additional tips you would like to share!

With wanderlust,


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