10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

“Winter is coming”

Game of Thrones

This past winter, many people all across the United States have experienced record-breaking temperatures enhanced by climate change – many people are experiencing true winter weather! For the longest time, I avoided colder and winter destinations until the past few years where I learned how to fully embrace winter and all it has to offer.

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

I am born and raised in hot hot Texas and I have spent several months in true winter conditions and I’ve been surprised how much I enjoy the winter! My hands are often colder than most thanks to having Raynaud’s syndrome, so I’ve taken a few extra precautions to make sure I still enjoy the winter wonderland of winter! 

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

Here are 10 things I’ve learned that have led me to surprisingly love and embrace winter:

1. Mindset is everything. If you have a positive mindset towards winter, you’ll enjoy the tougher elements of the winter MUCH MORE! 

2. Mittens over gloves! They keep your hands much warmer. 

These Patagonia better sweater mittens (a glove and mitten combo) are my current favorite mittens!

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

3. Invest in or thrift some proper gear to keep you warm! Understanding which fabrics to use and avoid is key! 

Puffy jackets, wool socks, and a beanie will be your best friend!

4. Embrace the Scandinavian concept of “Hygge” aka coziness 

Scandinavian countries experience intense winters, yet they are known as some of the happiest people in the world! This is partly due to the concept called hygge, which translates coziness and includes things such a candles, hot stew, pancakes, cozy wool blankets, etc. Adding elements of Hygge to your life during the winter months will help you thrive during this season!

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

5. Remember that snow makes most things look so pretty!

I’ve seen some meh landscapes because insanely pretty when they are covered in snow.

6. Educate yourself on winter safety, create an emergency kit, and be prepared for anything!

From colder temps, how to safely drive in winter conditions, avalanche awareness, etc. being prepared and knowledgeable will help you be more at ease during the winter months.

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter - Bryce Canyon National Park

7. The snow makes being outside in chilly temps worth it!

There are countless fun winter activities from sledding to skiing to snow angels, it’s still important to get that fresh air and the snow makes it more fun to be outside longer!

8. Moisturize. A LOT.

Save your skin and know that it can change in different climates, so be careful of what products you apply to your skin! Personally, my skin did not react well to colder climates, so I quickly learned to have a winter skin care routine.

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

9. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

The sun reflects off the snow and you can still get sunburnt in the winter. Keep your skin happy! I aim to use reef safe sunscreen when possible and currently love the face and body sunscreens from BioClarity! Use this link to get $15 off your first $50 order!

10. Enjoy this season of life and remember that it’s only a season and won’t last forever.

10 Tips to Fully Embrace Winter

I hope these tips inspire you to travel to destinations during the winter and embrace this season of life! Growing up, I rarely experienced snow and all the winter activities that this season has to offer. But with my recent experiences and knowledge on how to prepare and embrace the colder temperatures!

With wanderlust,


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