Set Your Annual Travel Goals + My 2022 Goals!

Quote: “The journey is my home”

Muriel Rukeyser

Somehow we are already one month into 2022!? What the heck! While most people have already broken or forgotten about their new year’s resolutions, I haven’t forgotten about my annual bucket list and goals!

I prefer to take items off my larger bucket list and prioritize a few for the year. This allows me to have some less productive or lazy days without feeling bad about “breaking a new years resolution” or “habit”.

Here are a few items on my bucket list for 2022, a few that I have already crossed off in January!

  • Solo Trip to Paris, check!
  • Ski in Zermatt, check!
  • Fly Business Polaris overseas, check!
  • Ski down blacks and overcome my fear of the steep slopes
  • Take more ski lessons to continue to improve in such a technical sport
  • Visit 15+ more national parks, many of the lesser known/visited national parks
  • Visit the remaining 12/50 states! This is a HUGE goal that I’m stoked about!
  • Visit 2+ new countries (I’m thinking somewhere South America) Be more consistent in sharing my travels and destination guides with you all!
  • Work on learning French, practicing daily
  • Workout 5+ times per week
  • Continue road tripping and working remotely for several more months, exploring more of the USA!
  • Maybe even get an apartment again?! After 18+ months on the road, I am definitely itching for a home base again!

I encourage you to set annual goals or a yearly bucket list and continually check your progress every few months! I’m hopeful I can accomplish a majority of my goals this year and will likely add a few more goals along the way! I encourage you to do the same and hope you have a great 2022!

With wanderlust,


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