Life Update: I Moved to Amsterdam!


Moving abroad to Amsterdam


After nearly 6 years at my current job and 3 years without an apartment, I finally put my notice in to embark on my biggest adventure yet – I’M MOVING ABROAD!


After 3 years without having rent or a proper home base of my own, I am very excited to have a place to call home and a place to come back to after my travels that is all my own. This will definitely be a huge lifestyle shift from working remotely while road-tripping throughout the USA living a very nomadic lifestyle to having a home base in a country where I don’t speak the official language. But, if you know me you’ll know that I’ve always dreamt of living abroad and it’s one of the many reasons I continued to extend life on the road. This allowed me to save up money for my future apartment while living minimally for several years. During my 3 years of nomadic living, I continued to pair down my belongings, making it easier to move abroad by checking a few suitcases! A few as in 8 checked bags and boxes:


As a frequent traveler, I always found myself traveling back to Europe with the big dream of possibly moving there one day, with the odds being low on making this dream a reality!? Growing up in the USA and only learning to speak English, my options for finding an English-only job that pays well were limiting, understandably. After doing a bit of research, I finally decided I would start applying for jobs in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! To my surprise, the job application process was rather quick for me this round, which is very unusual, in that I applied for a handful of jobs and within a few months got an offer!

I still can’t believe that I get to fulfill my dream of working in this new industry AND move abroad to one of the most iconic cities in the world! I have a full list of reasons that also influenced my decision-making on why I choose Amsterdam, many making it such an appealing place to call home.



I’ve actually never even stepped foot in the Netherlands?! It’s kind of crazy, I know… but I’m so excited to explore all of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Europe during my time here. I currently have no timeline to return to the states and I’m looking forward to fully embracing the Dutch way of life!


I’m planning to share all the realities of life abroad, tips for those looking to move abroad and specifically to the Netherlands, all things the Netherlands, Europe travel tips and inspiration, and more all while working my new 9-5!

Cheers to #haleyinholland and all the adventures to come!

With wanderlust,


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