Set Your Bucket List Goals: My 2022 Highlights & 2023 Goals

Hello, 2023! Somehow it is already a new year and that means new travel goals! I typically avoid a new years resolution and instead I prioritize items from my bucket list that I aim to accomplish each year! This allows me to prioritize my time via vacation days, my money by planning out my budget, and my trips with friends and family to make the trips come to reality!


A few of my favorite bucket list experiences from 2022 included:

  1. Ski in Zermatt, Switzerland
  2. Snorkel the epic coral in Moorea
  3. Swim with humpback whales in Tahiti
  4. Stay at some incredible accommodations
  5. Explore the Algarve coastline and caves in Portugal
  6. Got a new job and moved abroad to the Netherlands
  7. Visited my 25th country
  8. Hike a volcano in Guatemala
  9. Stay at an all-inclusive resort for a girls’ trip
  10. Visit several European Christmas markets for the first time
  11. Explored the United Polaris lounge for the first time and loved it

Here are my top 10 travel goals for 2023:

  1. Ski for 10+ days using my Ikon Pass
  2. Visit 6+ new countries
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Document my travels more through weekly blogs to help others experience the world with a 9-5
  5. Go on my first cruise
  6. Several trips with friends and family
  7. Explore Amsterdam and The Netherlands via day trips and weekend getaways
  8. 2+ more Christmas Markets
  9. Visit a new continent (this will be #6!)
  10. Fly KLM Business class

I hope I can make this list of experiences a reality this year! In addition, I hope this list inspires you to plan out how to make your bucket list items turn into a reality! Follow along for more travel inspiration, tips for moving abroad to the Netherlands, life in Amsterdam, and various European travels, and more!

With wanderlust,



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