10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks

“You gotta nourish in order to flourish”

Traveling can often lead to consuming extra calories from eating out, enjoying extra sugary drinks, and a few “treat yourself” moments. While it can be easy to add a few extra pounds on vacation or while traveling for work, a little planning or a quick trip to a local store to pick up some healthy snacks will save the day!

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks

After traveling for work for more two years, I became the girl known for always having healthy travel-friendly snacks on hand to make sure my body felt good on the road! I’ve created a list of healthy snacks that I love to keep in my bag for travel days, during the work day, or even just to have a home.

Many of the following snack recommendations are organic, natural, easy to read and minimal ingredients, yummy, and of course travel-friendly! Happy healthy snacking!

1. GoMacro Bars

Organic, vegan, and gluten free, these healthy bars are freaking delicious! GoMacro Bars come in a variety of yummy flavors including delicious ingredients like peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chips, and so much more! These are great as a quick healthy breakfast, plane snack, or an easy snack on the go. Here’s a discount on yummy food when you click this link and enter SHAREFIRST15 for $15 off your first purchase!

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
GoMacro bars make great hiking snacks in New Mexico

2. That’s It Bars

Simple ingredients, That’s It! With a variety of flavor combos available, I love these healthy bars because they are widely available at Starbucks and other airport stores for purchase when you are on the go. I like to purchase the variety pack on Amazon since they will be more affordable than purchasing them at the airport. They even offer bars with prebiotics and probiotics that don’t require refrigeration!

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
Enjoy a That’s It bar in San Francisco, or New Zealand, and even in the airport!

3. Larabars & 4. Almonds

Larabars make delicious vegan bars with only a few ingredients that you can actually read and pronounce! Plus they have a variety of flavors that are inspired by iconic desserts such as apple pie, blueberry muffin, and peanut butter cookie!

Almonds are a great healthy fat, easy to pack, and very travel-friendly! Buy them in the bulk section at your local grocery store or in a quick to-go bag at the airport, whichever works for you healthy snacks are close by! In the photo below, I’m using my favorite reusable Stasher bags!

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
Larabars and almonds are the perfect hiking and travel-friendly snacks

5. Peeled Snacks

Peeled Snacks offers tasty organic dried snacks for those at home or on the go! I can confirm these yummy treats are available in numerous airports, several grocery stores, and online for convenient shopping. I personally loved the organic dried mango to help crave my sweet tooth and get a serving or two of fruit in for the day!

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
Peeled Snacks are organic and travel-friendly snacks available at many airports

6. Epic Bars

For those who love jerky or meat products, Epic Bars are one of my preferred healthy travel-friendly snacks because I can read a majority of the few ingredients and they are simply delicious! My personal favorites are venison and bison.

7. Smart Sweets

I have a hugeeeee sweet tooth and when I discovered these tasty treats I was so stoked! Typically I grab the high processed candy like nerds rope, starbursts, and skittles which don’t make me feel so great after I eat them. Smart Sweets are available throughout many airports and only have 3 grams of sugar per bag instead of 30+ grams! Seriously try these candies out!

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
Crave your sweet tooth with Smart Sweets

8. RXBars & Nut Butters

RxBars are another healthy and travel-friendly bar with minimal ingredients that you can read. I personally really like the nut butters the most and they are great to add onto an apple or celery.

9. FitJoy Pretzels

Gluten free pretzels, locally made in Texas, and they are delicious, treat yourself to some healthy travel-friendly FitJoy preztels! FitJoy also offers a variety of other healthy products including protein bars and puffs.

10. Your favorite produce or snack with minimal ingredients

I LOVE tomatoes! I eat them like candy which I’m aware isn’t “normal” for most people. My friends, family, and coworkers all know my love for tomatoes. When I was on the road, I would go to the local grocery store and pick up my favorite produce to make sure I had healthy snacks on hand. Next time you have some travels coming up, head to your store and pick up your favorite produce items! To avoid having them smashed in your bag, I recommend using reusable Stasher bags. I’ve stored grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more in them with minimal mushed produce.

10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
10 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks
Healthy airport snacks as of January 2020

In recent years, airport snack shops have done an incredible job providing healthy snack options to travelers (see the picture above of an airport snack store). A majority of the snacks listed above are readily available at the airport and I picked up a handful of them every week while traveling for work! For a more affordable option, you can purchase them at your local grocery store prior to going through security. Thankfully, all these snacks will get through domestic security! Please check the international laws for bringing nuts, produce, meat, etc. into different countries as there are limitations. Domestically, I have been flagged for produce with a higher water content a few times, but thankfully TSA never takes my healthy travel-friendly snacks! I hope these healthy snack options inspire you and show you that eating healthy on the go can be easy! Happy healthy snacking on the go!

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