12 Experiences and Eco-Friendly Items that Make Perfect Gifts

“Life is a collection of moments”

Experiences and Eco-Friendly Items that Make Perfect Gifts

For the past few years, I have prioritized the motto “experiences over things” and try to live this out as much as possible. While we will inevitably have to purchase tangible things or items that aid in our experiences, life is made up of the small and big moments so why not gift experiences and intentional gifts?

Experiences and Ecofriendly Items that Make Perfect Gifts

With the holiday season in full swing, it is important to keep the planet in mind when it comes to purchasing gifts for friends and family. Not only are experiences a more sustainable gift, they are often times more memorable. Try to think of a gift you got 5 years ago… anything? Now try to think of a concert, vacation, basketball game, or other experience you had 5 years ago. Which one did you remember the best?

There are endless gift guides out there, but I challenge you to gift INTENTIONAL GIFTS and/or EXPERIENCES this year! Here’s a list of experiences and more sustainable items that would make awesome and more memorable gifts:

1. Tickets to a holiday activity to see Christmas lights or other fun activities

2. Gift card for a class or lessons that someone wants to take (aka ski lessons for me this year) 

3. Cooking classes, such as Sur la Table, are another great experience to share with someone and way to learn a new skill as well

4. An Airbnb or Hotels.com gift card for a future trip someone is planning 

5. Gear someone needs for a hobby or activity – making sure the gear is an intentional purchase will ensure lots of good use in the future!

6. Something consumable like their favorite snacks or treats, here’s a list of my favorite healthy travel snacks

7. Donate airline miles or purchase a gift card their future trip 

Experiences and Ecofriendly Items that Make Perfect Gifts

8. Pay for someone’s excursion or activity on a future trip 

9. One of their favorite beverages aka the gift that keeps on giving such as coffee or tea ( I love Rishi Tea and Matchaful)

10. Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or to a fancier restaurant they don’t often visit 

11. Customized gift from Shutterfly to document and relive experiences in the past

12. Gift a sustainable item that will get lots of use like Stasherbags, Swell, or a Hydroflask 

Experiences and Ecofriendly Items that Make Perfect Gifts

Another sustainable shopping tip for any time of year, especially the holiday season, is to avoid purchasing sale items you do not need and opt for more intentional and/or consumable gifts and experiences! I hope this list inspires you to begin gifting more experiences and help you create more memories with your loved ones!

Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays to all!

With wanderlust,


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